Is joomla good

is joomla good

hi Friends which cms is better for seo WordPress or joomla i am using WordPress but after Google penguin update i can not found good result. You really should get a good book on Joomla if you want to set it up fast. Otherwise you end up fiddling around and getting nowhere for days. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all offer great features, tons of Choosing the right one can be difficult because they're all good options. Both systems are open source, which means they are adaptable in every direction. If you know the wordpress codex, that is no problem. Syndication to rss directories is in many cases instantly, and the bigger your list is, the sooner Google will take note of your presence. John Anderson February 22, Thanks for the somewhat philosophical reply, I was sort of expecting. Thus, Joomla gives you a lot of power in your hands and that is noticeable in the 1 bond film section where there are so many options that you get dizzy the first time you go in.


Should I Learn Drupal or Joomla?

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They want it in WordPress. Another thing, look at WordPress what services they offer on. Sorry for the philosophical speak. I'm not sure if they were shooting for the word 'Initiate' or 'Initialize' but the one they used even though it IS an actual word definitely doesn't fit the use. Yet it shows excerpts of articles to unregistered users, which is also great for SEO. Just my 50 cents. Beyond that, you will find that Joomla has a complicated structure and even seasoned web developers have to go through a learning curve before they master the layout system, and that approach is different depending on the layout template you chose. is joomla good

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